Box 1 bkgAlso known as the first science, and an ultimate curiosity of the humans since space is the least we know about. In this section learn more about the history of astronomy, astronomy as a science, latest news of our universe, and updates on our space projects. Read More
Box 2 bkgIf you are interested in astronomy and want to scratch that curiosity itch,there is one essential tool you will need to be able to observe the skies, which is a telescope. Here you can find out about the different types of telescopes, their capabilities, and how to use them. Read More
Box 3 bkgAlright, so you are into the science of astronomy, maybe as a hobby or maybe as a professional scientist. You have your own telescope and observe the skies. An important part of it is to be able to capture what have seen, or maybe discovered. Here is where you will know how to do just that. Read More